January 3, 2011

No Work is without Mistakes - Learning from them is the goal

Our first post of 2011! So many exciting things happening, so keep checking back. We've got our book submitted to several award competitions and review sites as well as continuing publicity in newspapers and book stores.
We wanted to each address the idea of mistakes. Many people have told us how much they loved the book. Then, with a slight pause, they gingerly ask if we knew there were a few mistakes in it. Below you'll find both of our answers:


Unfortunately, we know and are heartsick about it. Both of us have such a quirk about mistakes. We thought we were doing everything possible to avoid them---professional editing and five readers who critiqued and offered commentary---and still there were mistakes.

Yes. I have "red-penned" enough popular and critically acclaimed novels as a long time reader and book club enthusiast to know that ALL books are published with mistakes. After all, humans write them and humans edit them. Still, I would have preferred a perfect book out there with my name on it.

I often hear actors and actresses state they would never watch their own movies. I brushed it off as pure vanity, the classic "I couldn't possibly watch myself on screen" as they threw you their best Scarlett O'Hara look. Now, I so get it. I don't want to ever read this book again, because I know there are sections I would still rewrite, that never said exactly what I wanted said no matter how many times I reworded it. Yet, in the same breath, I'm so proud of the book and hope you enjoy its imperfection.

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Anonymous said...

You know I loved the book, even if there were a few typos. And as an advertising person in another life, I am out there trying to get everyone to read your delightful book! You know we wish you well.
Terri & Johnny