January 23, 2015

Capturing My Ideas: The Writing Life

Ah, it's Friday. Time for the weekend.

In case you missed Monday's post, I've recommitted to this blog and have theme days. On Fridays, I'll share the ups and downs of the writing life.

I've had many people ask me how I plan out my books. Although I'm a pantser and proud of it, I do organize my plot thoughts. Well, organize might be stretching it...

Yes, that's it. A bunch of scribbled-on pieces of paper. When a plot development pops into my head, and this often happens when I'm nowhere near my computer, I grab the closest piece of paper and jot it down. I keep them all in a folder. 

I've written on receipts, napkins, and my hand. If I'm driving, I have one of my daughter's type my thoughts into the Notes section of my phone. If I'm alone, I'll pull over as soon as I can and start typing. A couple of times, when I couldn't pull over, I called my voicemail at home (since I have hands-free) and left myself a message about my ideas.

Do you ever have an idea that consumes your thoughts unless you get it out? Please share the oddest way you've ever left yourself a reminder.


Unknown said...

I've started using the talk to text feature on my mac so that I can make a quick note of an idea as it comes to me and I also use the recorder on my phone a lot.

Jo Michaels said...

I love that you call yourself. Your notes would make me bananas. LOL! I grabbed my iPad the other day and wrote down an idea I had. Then, I instantly felt like crap about the idea because Markaza is looming. ;)


Tia Bach said...

Love that idea, Gin.

Jo, you know you love me... messy organization and all. :-)