June 11, 2014

Winners, Progress & UTopYA: ROW80 Update

For the first time, I held a GoodReads giveaway with Chasing Shadows. I felt really good about it. 479 people entered to win three signed copies (US only). The winners were from California, Washington, and Georgia.

Late last week, I mailed the copies to the winners along with a business card, bookmark, and note to please leave a review if they enjoyed the book.

As excited as I am for how Chasing Shadows is doing, my goal is to finish Chasing Forgiveness (and have it to my editor) by the end of summer. 

Marketing Chasing Shadows and writing Chasing Forgiveness are the focus of my ROW80 round. So far, so good.

Next Wednesday, I leave for Nashville and UtopYA. I am beyond excited. Not only will I meet some amazing writers for the first time (including my rocking editor and friend, Jo Michaels), but I can't wait to learn everything I can from the panels and experience.

Plus, my oldest daughter will also be attending. Whatever panels I can't attend, she will. It's like having a Personal Assistant. Score me!

Hope everyone is having an amazing Hump-Day.


krystal jane said...

OMG, is it next week! *freaks out* I have no idea what to expect. But yeah, totally score on the personal assistant. ^_^

I wish I had one. Lol!

Stephsco said...

Very cool! My RWA group was just discussing Goodreads promos last night. I've also heard great things about UtopYA and other smaller scale reader cons that are growing exponentially. Have fun!

Jo Michaels said...

AWESOME! I'll see you tomorrow :)

May your Goodreads giveaway garner much interest in your title :)