April 21, 2014

Make A Little Better: ROW80

A new week... a new promise.

I'm in the final, final edits of Chasing Shadows. Seriously! It's time to accept the last edits and move to publish. Why do I find this process so damned exhausting?

Just today, I went with my youngest on a field trip to an old schoolhouse. There, written on the chalkboard, was an explanation.

It's so hard to say I'm done editing, to know it's good enough. Perfection is a pipe dream, I get it. Still...

So today and tomorrow, I'm re-reading until my eyes blur. Then, I will do what needs to be done. Let. It. Go. 

I've now set an official publication date of 5/7/14. This gives me enough time to schedule marketing efforts and get the eARCs out to the amazing peeps who signed up. Want in on that? Check it out here.

Here we go. Ready or not.

What helps you let go of something?


A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update

My goals are all publication-centered the next two weeks...

Last edits--by Wednesday, 4/23
eARCs out to early readers--by Wednesday, 4/30
Update website--asap
Set up GoodReads giveaway--by Wednesday, 4/30
Set up Release Day signups--by Monday, 4/28
Prepare Release Day posts--by Wednesday, 4/30

Wishing all my ROW80 friends productive days this week! 


Unknown said...

Congrats on moving toward publishing. We all understand how difficult letting go of that last draft is. A deadline should help you let go, and really once you start getting feedback it will feel good to have the project done. Others will be enjoying it and you are free to work on the next project.

Jo Michaels said...

You'll let it go when it's time; I promise you that. :)

People are salivating over this book! We just have to get it to them :)


krystal jane said...

Congratulations on having another book (just about) ready to go! I think this is why we need deadlines. Editing can be a trap, like a maze, where we get lost and stay in for far too long if we don't force ourselves out.

That's kind of what I do. Deadline. And then it's done. "Hands off the manuscript!" ^_^