January 24, 2014

14 Things You Are Dying To Know... I Hope

I was tagged by the awesome Jo Michaels to participate in this crazy game where I share 14 facts about me and tag 14 people to do the same.

Although I’m normally a rule follower, I’m going to do something absolutely spontaneous and crazy and NOT tag anyone. But if you are in a soul-baring mood, please go rogue and share.

1. I am the oldest of three girls, and I have three girls. They are my world.

One of my favorite pics of my three sweeties!
2. I met my husband my freshman year (third day of college). Been together ever since.

3. I don’t watch Downton Abby, nor do I have any interest in doing so. I love historical fiction, but I want my TV to be mind-numbing escapism.

4. I correct people’s grammar mistakes in my head. I correct my daughters’ grammar mistakes out loud. Now they say things like “Jackie and I’s favorite movie is” just to make me crazy. And irregardless makes my skin crawl. *shudders*

5. I thought when I had girls I would avoid icky pets. *sigh* See the attached picture of Squeakers and Cookie, our pet rats.

6. I hate coffee—so much so that the smell of it makes me sick to my stomach.

7. I can’t dance, but I love to. My favorite stress reliever is to crank up some tunes in the kitchen and dance with my girls. Rock on!

8. I love sports. College basketball is my favorite (huge University of Kentucky fan—it’s my alma mater) followed closely by professional football. We are pulling for the Broncos in the Super Bowl. CO has a special place in my heart.

9. I am my own worst critic but always a cheerleader for my friends and family.

10. My middle daughter is named after my father and his favorite president: Reagan Dallas.

11. I’ve had a crush on Hugh Jackman since Kate & Leopold. (BTW: What the hell happened to Meg Ryan? Have you seen her lately. Such a shame.)

12. Harry Connick, Jr. is my latest crush (not displacing Hugh, though). Thank you, American Idol.

13. Sugar is my kryptonite. I wish veggies were.

14. I can’t wait to go to UtopYa. I might just geek-out to meet some of my fellow authors! The only thing that would make me more excited… a special guest appearance by Hugh Jackman.

So I don't feel alone, please share something about yourself in the comments. Please!

Note: The problem with #4 and #9 combined is that I read and re-read posts (and manuscripts) ad nauseam trying to avoid mistakes. It's exhausting!


S.P. Bowers said...

The kitchen is the best place to dance! My kids and I love to crank up the music and go wild too. And I'm with you on the smell of coffee. Yuck.

Jo Michaels said...

Uh oh. Am I gonna have to drag our room coffee pot into the hall every morning? I don't want you sick :(

I still love your ratty babies. I wanna huggles them :)

I can't wait to MEET YOU F2F!! YAY! Not long now.

I'd share something but you read mine already LOL