January 30, 2017

Dark and Deadly Things by Kelly Martin New Release

I'm so excited to share Kelly Martin's new release with all of you. I loved this book ... for its voice, originality, creep factor, and pace. See my review at the bottom, but first, a little information...


Blessed (or cursed) with the ability to see ghosts, Elise was a fixture on her dad's reality ghost hunting show, Dark and Deadly Things, until she realized her father faked the evidence just to get ratings.

Now Elise is watching his Halloween special on live TV while eating popcorn next to her ghost of a mother.

Something goes horribly wrong...

Two members of the Halloween special's family are dead. One is missing and Elise's dad is the main suspect. Only Elise knows the truth. Only she saw what really happened to the family before the lights went out.

Elise joins the only surviving member of the murdered family, Abel, to find the thing that destroyed both of their families-- find it and destroy it.

How do you kill a ghost?

Easy, you take on one paranormal case at a time until you figure it out.



About the Author:

Kelly Martin is an Amazon bestseller and award-winning author. She loves abandoned house photography, ghost stories, and trying to figure out what goes bump in the night.

She lives in the heart of Middle Tennessee, where all the cool ghost stories happen.

Kelly loves supernatural TV shows, watching horror gamers on youtube, and driving around taking pictures of abandoned houses. All of which would make you assume Kelly is very brave... you'd be very wrong. She has to watch Sherlock safely behind her fingers at times. 

She has been married for over ten years, has three little girls, and a one-eyed cat named Sam. 

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Are you fascinated by ghost shows on television? Wonder how much of it is true freakiness or behind-the-scenes shenanigans and faking?

Then, you will love Dark and Deadly Things

Elise is a young woman who grew up in a ghost-hunting family, but for her own reasons, she leaves the family business, although she can't leave behind seeing ghosts thanks to her gift, or curse.

Then, she watches on television as her father and the family he's ghost hunting for are attacked. Her father survives and becomes the number one suspect as the eldest brother seeks out Elise for help.

The journey from there is nothing short of fascinating and ultimately... so creepy. If you read this one at night, be sure to keep a flashlight close by. But beyond the captivating ghosts and edge-of-your-seat storytelling, you'll find yourself rooting for Elise and Abel to find not only answer but their way to each other. 

By the end, you'll be clamoring for book 2. Good thing it comes out 2/26.

A highly recommended 5-star read!

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Jo Michaels said...

I GOT MINE! :D Can't wait to dive in. Looks awesome :)