December 3, 2014

A Black Cloud: #IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group (or IWSG) is a wonderful group put together by the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh (which now has an equally cool Facebook group). 

The first Wednesday of each month is the perfect opportunity to share my insecurities on the #IWSG therapy couch, get encouragement and support about such insecurities, and to read how other writers are faring.

First of all, I wanted to let everyone know that The Insecure Writer's Support Group Guide to Publishing and Beyond is available. Find out more here.

I plan on downloading a copy later today!

Now, it's time for my insecurity for December. Actually, it's more of a concern/fear.

The novella I just finished and the book I'm currently working on have some intensely emotional scenes. Unfortunately, I can't shake them. I feel like I'm walking around with a dark cloud, and I'm finding it hard to concentrate and get other things done.

What can I do to shake this heaviness? I need to get back to writing, editing, and life. I tried writing some lighter scenes, but the novella really doesn't have any, and that's the one I need to get back to (editing, etc).


Diane Burton said...

When I feel that way, I watch a romantic comedy. Romancing the Stone is my fav. I always smile when Joan meets Jack. Best wishes and I hope you get out from under that cloud.

Jo Michaels said...

See your own advice here:


HUGS! I'm here if you need to talk.


Georgina Morales said...

I'm a mother of 2 young girls and ever since they were born, stories where children get harmed or neglected just kill me. Then, I wrote a story where the MC does exactly that to his three VERY young kids. I cried when I wrote it. I felt depressed editing it, but the more I read it, the more I was able to disconnect my feelings from the story itself. Eventually I got over it, though I can't still watch Law & Order: SVU. Something similar happened to me as I wrote a story about an infamous massacre in a Mexican square back in 1968. Writing that story was very hard, but I also managed to worm my feelings into the story, and then out of it.

So, all of this to say: Just keep going. It'll be hard, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. The reward is worth it. Also, watch tons of comedies and light subject matter movies ;-)

Best of luck!