May 23, 2014

Scattered, But Happy -- Plus Giveaway

I've been so busy it's been hard to see straight. 

First, there's only three weeks left of school. For someone who's not in school, I've never had so much stress. My daughters are in 8th, 6th, and 3rd. It's been non-stop.

Then, I edited a 159K New Adult novel. It's now in the hands of the author. I can't wait to see the evolution of the piece. I love being a part of crafting something.

Oh, and did I mention my husband's only been home two days in the last two weeks? He's been in Tokyo since Saturday, and Miami before that.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Cupertino, California. I've never been there, but the lovely Allyson Gottlieb invited me to sit on an author panel for her high school. I'm so looking forward to meeting her and the other authors. Plus, I love talking about writing. I'm a total geek.

So, if I owe you something, be on the lookout. This weekend is catch-up time. I have books to mail, promotions to plan, and writing to do. Just to name a few things.

Wishing everyone an amazing Memorial Day weekend.

If you are looking for a good weekend read, might I suggest Chasing Shadows. Smiles!


Oh, and check this out...

Howdy y'all! The lovely Carlyle Labuschagne came up with a brilliant idea to show our love for utopYA! UtopYA is the first-of-its-kind convention for women writers of contemporary and supernatural YA and NA fiction, and their fans! UtopYA is held in Nashville, Tennessee...or what I like to call NASH VEGAS, home of country music! And what goes hand in hand with country music? COWBOY BOOTS!!! They come in all different shapes, size and colors! Not only do we have a kick ass giveaway for you to enter, but be have a cool matching game for fun. We have split it up into groups to make the guessing a bit easier. All you have to do is match the boot up to the author, blogger attending UtopYA. You do not need to guess to enter the giveaway and it's just for fun. Answers are listed below each picture.
I hope to see you all at UtopYA 2014!
To see what UtopYA is all about, visit
Answers: Casey Bond- #3, Krystal Wade- #4, Laura Howard- #1, Melissa Simmons #2
Answers: Kris Seek- #4, Nichole Greene- #3, Shana-#1, Tia Bach-#2
Answers: Bethany Lopez-#3, Elizabeth Kirke-#4, Carlyle Labuschagne-#2, Danielle Bannister-#1
Answers: Anna Cruise-#3, Alison Pensy- #4, Susan Burdorf-#5, Amy Evans-#2, Ren-#1

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