November 4, 2013

My Addictions: Surviving Nano & ROW80

During NaNo, I decided to write some posts in advance so I could concentrate on writing. But I wanted to do something that would be on my mind during the process of trying to write 50,000 words in a month.

So for this post I decided to share my addictions. Why?

Normally, I use these addictions to decompress. But during NaNo, I've decided to also use them as rewards. Any day I surpass my goal of 1,667 words, I get to choose something from the list and enjoy. A few of them (food/drink) will be by my side as I write to keep the words flowing.

My Addictions

My Kryptonite. But I've gotten better at choosing the sugar I really want and having enough to feel satisfied. When I try to avoid it completely, I fail and eat a whole pie.

Candy Crush
Game + sugar references = heaven. It's so addicting, so I love that you get five lives and out. This is a total brain break activity for me.

Pitch Perfect
Misfits working it out to rock it in the end. My kind of movie. Plus, there are Breakfast Club references. This movie makes me want to dream big and go for it.

No explanation necessary. I sometimes read a book a day. But NaNo might require me to sleep more so I have less brain fog.

Diet Coke
It's my version of coffee. I'm trying to cut back. I'll do that December 1.

Sure, my favorite will always be the red pen. But I love them in all kinds of different shapes and colors. I have an obsessive amount (along with notebooks).

Long and hot. Skin-turns-red kind of hot. And I'm a daredevil... I read my Kindle in there. So far, no slips.

I gave up on my fingernails a long time ago, but I love bright, shiny toes. And now that I live in CA, I can expose them a lot more.

Do you have any addictions that help you get through times of stress?

My A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update is simple. My current NaNoWriMo word count is (drum roll please) ----> 6,206.

It helps that I spent way too many hours on a plane and in the airport on Saturday to go to New York City. Pictures to come! Of course, I did all of this on Friday and Saturday, no writing on Sunday and probably none today. But I have a lot more airport time tomorrow, so...


Fallon said...

Great job on your NaNo word count so far! I got off to a good start on Friday, but the writing was slow over the weekend(as it usually is). Still, I should be able to get caught up with where I want to be this week.

I've set up a reward system where I get a handful of candy corn/a piece of Halloween candy for every 500 words I add. And if I hit my word goal for the day, I get 30 minutes to play a game on the Wii. I only hit that word goal on Friday and that was right before I went to bed.

krystal jane said...

What is this Candy Crush I keep hearing about?!

I love pens too. ^_^ I've recently started using these Pilot pens that make my handwriting look really good.

I had a reward system set up last year. I think they work really well when it's something you really want. My reward was 1 hour of Sims for every 1 hour of writing. Usually I wrote much more than that, so that worked out pretty good. ^_^

Unknown said...

I'm with you on books and pens. It's been a hard day at work so I went out and did a tour of the second hand book shops in the town centre. I feel better now and ready to add to my own word count when I get home.

Shah Wharton said...

Wow, awesome NaNo achievement Tia! Go you.

Give up Coke now - do you know the rubbish in that?

My addiction is also sugar, I try to substitute it for Zylitol. I adore tea, mostly black, sometimes green, and a few detox ones have made me go ...aah!

Best of luck for the week ahead Tai and happy travels. Look forward to those piccies. :)

Jo Michaels said...

I swear we were separated at birth. It's just creepy how you like the same things I do. o.O


Love ya!!


Tia Bach said...

Fallon -- Weekends are tough. I'm trying to stay on top of the word count this weekend, and then get ahead next week. wishing you all the best!

Krystal -- Candy Crush is a silly matching game, but it's mindless and challenging. It gets my mind off of other things.

Deborah -- Love second hand book shops. Wish I had one close by.

Shah -- I know re: Diet Coke. It's my one vice (don't smoke, don't drink). Now, if I could just give up Diet Coke and sugar, I'd be better off. Is there a support group for something like that? ;-)

Jo -- Yes, yes we were. ;-)