September 16, 2013

Scattered: ROW80 Update

"It is a process of diverting one's scattered forces into one powerful channel." James Allen

Scattered is a state I often find myself in lately. Round 3 has been a cacophony of things to do sounding off in my head, rising to a piercing scream that renders me utterly useless.

Am I making any sense?

I barely make sense to myself these days.

Even if I can manage to set aside all the to-dos surrounding my personal life, I am overwhelmed with all the things I want to do for my author life.

A small list:
  • Research for Chasing Memories Book 2
  • Writing Chasing Memories Book 2
  • Depression Cookies to Smashwords
  • Create a Website for Tia Bach, Author
  • Marketing Materials for Chasing Memories
  • Finish Depression Cookies Book 2 (already 40K in)
  • Author Platform Work
  • Social Media Obligations
I know I'm supposed to break it down into manageable parts and writing should come first. But I find the more scattered my brain is, the harder it is for me to focus my creative energies.

So, I tend to jump to the thing I can finish quickly... a blog post, an editing project. Anything that satisfies my intense need to accomplish something. Anything that fulfills the desire to mark a project done.

The best writing I've done in the last year was NaNo, because I felt focused. I was NOT going to lose a challenge.

Now, how do I motivate myself to accumulate words and squelch the scattered voices in my head?


Beth Camp said...

Hello, Tia. Reading your blog today reminds me why I feel scattered! I'm looking at that same darn 'to-do' list! Except that over the weekend, I read DuoLit's great little helper, The Weekend Book Marketing Makeover. I now have a 2-page hit list that will keep me focused. Self-evaluation, strategies, and action steps. Maybe I won't get everything done so quickly, but at least now I have a plan. Maybe DuoLit's free download will help you. You can go to my ROW80 blog at and I hope the break between rounds will be good to you.

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly that way too! When the work feels so overwhelming, it's hard to simply dive in. You just don't know when you'll get to come back to the surface again!

Hang in there and focus! I'm cheering you on, Tia. (You really need to write that Chasing Memories #2 so I can read it. ;) )

krystal jane said...

It's so hard to focus. I'm struggling right now too. We can do this. One thing at a time. One day at a time. ^_^

Jo Michaels said...

Okay the edits for DC I sent and I'll do the SW formatting. I promised, didn't I? :)

That's one thing off your plate.

I'll also help with your website. There's no rush for that one, put it on a back burner until we can chat about it.

What marketing materials do you want? I have all your artwork...

See? These are things that are fixable if you'll just reach out, honey. :)

You are not alone.

Make a list of things you want to knock out this week and let's do it!!