May 13, 2013

Fickle Muse: ROW80 Update

Years ago when writing a book was an unfulfilled dream, I thought I would sit down one day and a flurry of words would rush out. Then, the next day and the next until a book was done. 

After all, if the idea was there, what would stop me from writing?

Many of my writer friends have other full-time jobs, plus kids, plus spouses. I would read their ROW80 updates and cringe. They were doing all of that AND staying on top of their wordcount goals.

I could have cleared a whole day, managed to get all my kids to school, be healthy... and still no words. *sigh*

The older I get, the more I'm trying to accept who I am. And I am someone who needs a deadline. The worst thing someone can do is give me an assignment and say, "Just get to it whenever you can." Whenever quickly turns to never when faced with a pile of commitment. At least for me. I have too many fires to put out on any given day.

As soon as I get through the June 10, 2013 publication date for Chasing Memories and my summer move to California, I'm going to set some deadlines for Book 2. Then, I'll get it to my editor. Once I do that, she'll keep me on task. 

How do you motivate yourself to just keep writing?


* Totally focused on the upcoming publication of Chasing Memories
* Working on marketing materials
* Planning promotions

I could still use some help with my cover reveal tour for Chasing Memories. Dates are available 5/23-30, and I will send you all the details. 

If you can help, please visit the sign up form here.


alberta ross said...

me too - I set myself deadlines - others (non writing friends) don't understand why I stress over my own deadlines being met - but how else do we get to THE END:) what is the cover reveal is it like a book tour - book promo - you can also make use of my Red Carpet if you want:)

Anonymous said...

So excited for your upcoming release! I do better with deadlines, but I'm okay with setting them for myself. As long as I share my expectations with others, I feel some accountability there. Which is one reason why ROW80 helps me get things done.

Best wishes with the move!

Jo Michaels said...

If you're anything like me (and I know you are) you get so wrapped up in everything else you lose your time. It floats away like a butterfly on a breeze when focus invades your brain. But if that shiny thing sparkling on the floor is noticed out of the side of your eye, you switch your attention over and good luck to task one getting it back :) hehe

You should type yourself with the Enneagram. It'll show you what your pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

Many hugs. If you need help with anything I can help with, let me know! WRITE ON!