December 10, 2012

Recovering from NaNo Nausea: ROW80 Update

Funny, the theme of my last blog post continues to block my muse. On Wednesday, I wrote a post for ROW80 and the Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG) about my lackluster blogging lately. Check out Enough to Say? for details.

Long story short, I'm really struggling to find my blogging groove. The last few days have been no exception. But, to be fair, I was very sick for several days and then family came in to celebrate an early Christmas with our family.

When I was in college, I would put myself through the ringer for finals. A steady diet of Snickers, Nodoz (do they even make that stuff anymore?), and Mello Yello kept me jazzed. But, inevitably, I would go home after and be sick for several days. Mom told me it as the Finals Flu.

This time it was the NaNo Nausea. The pace I put myself through in November was not one that my body appreciated. It rebelled. I guess it's only fair, so I shall not overly complain. And, no, I didn't resort to the diet described above.

I'm hoping that I can refocus now!

Please tell me I'm not alone in the Finals Flu scenario.

My A Round of Words in 80 Days Update

Reflecting on Wednesday's new goals...

--> Write a chapter by Sunday on my Depression Cookies follow up. Mom, if you are reading this, it's coming. It's coming. - Sorry, Mom. Monday's the day, though. No excuses.

--> Catch up on blog reading and commenting. -- Some progress, but I'm hoping to make a bigger dent in it this week. My head hurt too much of last week to read on the computer for long.

--> Apologize to my editing clients again for disappearing in November, and spend at least two hours a day catching up on editing projects. -- Done. This week I hope to finish up one of three projects.

--> Catch up on my reading TBR pile. -- This feels like an impossible task. I think I'm destined to always have books stacked up in the corner of my bedroom, watiting for me to read them. There are just too many!


Beth Camp said...

You are NOT alone with Finals Flu or NaNo Nausea. But I hope you were not sabotaged with food poisoning (which struck me down this week). I have renewed respect for the stamina I take for granted each day. Maybe the angst about writing your blog is connected to your sense of audience. Do you ever wonder who's reading and why? I try to write my blog to other writers . . . but as Tonto said to the Lone Ranger, "Who knows?"

Helene Poulakou said...

To be honest, I like the fact that NaNo took me out of my routine.

This year, I finished at 30,200 words. I don't mind that. I have enough material to print, add onto and edit, and that will keep me quite busy through January and February. But I didn't get the NaNo Nausea either...

Of course, blogging suffered -- but I took the necessary distance to help me evaluate my plans and my overall online strategy. So, overall, I didn't "win" NaNo per se, but the month was, ultimately, a win!

Jo Michaels said...

I did have a crappy case of nausea during the month of November. I never thought about why but it very well could've been staring at the screen for so many hours each day. Hmmmmmmmm... Thanks for making me think about it. lol! I hope you feel better soon, Tia! WRITE ON!